Terms & Policy


Funloaded is an automated content curating a website that uses software to curate content without human assistance from all over the internet without engaging in plagiarism. The aim is to build domain authority and in return, selling do-follow links to other websites.

These Terms and Policy aims at explaining the model of how Funloaded works.

  1. Contents on Funloaded are curated with the help of A.I. software from many materials on the internet.
  2. Contents on FL (also referred to as Funloaded) are legal and accepted in the country of origin.
  3. The Funloaded Group is a registered business to develop content, blog posts, and articles for clients with the help of our unique software
  4. What is illegal in your location can also be legal in another location. So be aware that the contents here are generated for people in South Sudan and Nigeria, and as such, it is legal.
  5. Please be aware that you might find some articles disturbing, but our country of origin supports freedom of speech and writing, hence we are a free entity.
  6. We are not aware of the number and type of content on this website. There are lots of them.
Example of How we Generate Revenue by selling Do-Follow Links.
Example of How we Generate Revenue by selling Do-Follow Links.

Should you find any article disturbing, please send an email to support@funloaded.co, and it will be responded to immediately within 2 hours.

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